The Mercedes Sprinter, a taller and longer than average van, has been utilized by the manufacturer and some other custom conversion companies to create a unique RV/Motor-home.  While it is not the large bus format coach motor-home, it sure packs a lot into a smaller space and the quality features can be excellent. Many recreational vehicle owners can’t really use their RV as a second vehicle while travelling and must park or camp that behemoth and use a towed or rented passenger car for secondary trips around where they have “docked”. The advantage of the Mercedes Sprinter is that it essentially the size of a large passenger van and can be used that way. This means you don’t have to consider two vehicle logistics.

Of course, the interior is not as spacious as the Class A RV or Entertainer Coach, but the quality of the features are generally classy. Don’t forget, the boating industry has been developing exquisite interiors on smaller yachts for a long time. Add to that the inventiveness of the motor-home folks and you’ll see why the Mercedes Sprinter can be a great choice.