We spend a lot of time around entertainers, as well as, the large regional recreational vehicle and camper shows. Be with the entertainers or at the shows and you get the opportunity to see or visit these land yachts. In addition, there are a number of television series on cable channels like HGTV or the Travel Channel that showcase custom buses and motor-coaches. Sooner or later you will begin to notice that a large number of the higher quality and feature rich coach conversions are from Prevost. They are not the only company out there, but they certainly can impress with their products.

While we don’t exclusively endorse any company as the best, just use any online search engine and look up ‘Prevost’ and you’ll find the company’s website and lots of dealers are also listed who carry their products. The virtual picture or video tours alone will entice you to, at least, dream about being aboard one. They are not for the weak of wallet, but there are a few places that lease them (usually older models and you’ll probably have to compete with some up-and-coming rock band for a minimum 90 day season lease).  Still, it might be worth the steep price for a few who would really enjoy the land yachting experience.

If you can’t pay the ‘freight’, you can still enjoy an entertainer motor-home via the TV approach. Check your cable listings for the likes of “Extreme RV”, “Celebrity Motor Homes” or other shows. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of living in a custom bus via a TV travelogue. Look closely, you will notice that many of the conversion are from Prevost.